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Most of my spare time I spend with my wife Laura, and our daughter Karita.

I like taking pictures. I also like movies, especially on DVD. Other interests include good music and good fiction, but most of my spare time is spent playing games.

You'll probably find me in IRC on channels #lut and #biitsi. Long time ago I also played volleyball. I guess I'm just a geek now.

Contact information
in Finland.

demokratia unohdettu

MSc. (Eng.), research specialist

I got my MSc. degree in computer science from Lappeenranta University of Technology back in 1995. Currently I am working at the IT department of Aalto University. My main responsibilities include storage systems and backups.

Documents & projects

I have written some documents in finnish and/or in english mainly to document what I have done in the past. Hopefully, they will benefit others as well. I have also started some software projects.

News & current issues

Thanks to Kimmo, I've moved from reading Usenet news to following web pages through their RSS feeds. You might find some of them quite interesting. Biitsi also contains some Selonen Family related stories (in finnish). You can also check what's new around here.

URL for this document is http://www.selonen.org/arto/
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