Arto Selonen


I like taking pictures. I also like movies. Other interests include good music and good fiction, including playing various computer games over the years.

You’ll probably find me in IRC on channels #lut and #biitsi. Long time ago I also played volleyball. I guess I’m just a geek now.

Contact information
in Finland.

MSc. (Eng.), systems specialist

I got my MSc. degree in computer science from Lappeenranta University of Technology back in 1995. Currently I am working at the CSC - IT Center for Science. My main responsibilities include storage systems and archiving.

Documents & projects

I have written some documents in finnish and/or in english mainly to document what I have done in the past. Hopefully, they will benefit others as well. I have also started some software projects.

News & current issues

Thanks to Kimmo, I’ve moved from reading Usenet news to following web pages, creating them, and in general digging a deeper IT hole for myself. Biitsi also contains some ancient Selonen Family related stories (in finnish). You can also check what’s new around here.

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This page updated on May 29, 2022