Software by Arto

Here are some of my software projects, that have actually reached a state where there is something usable. Unfortunately, due to time restrictions and such, I have not been able to work on these as much as I (or others) would have liked.

Hue API in bash
A very slow CLI library and a menu driven interface for controlling Philips Hue lights and sensors.
(working, limited functionality, actively used)

O.Niemi project
This is an IRC bot written in C. The code and other information can be found from the niemid FAQ. The FAQ is in finnish, but the code is almost all english, and is provided under GPL.
(working, lacks latest features of 2.10 servers, not used)

Web Album Interface Tool is a program written in Perl for building usable web interfaces for various image collections. It also utilizes ImageMagick™ tools for identifying the images and building the actual image maps. Works reasonably well for any collection size. The code has not been released yet.
(working, in use, needs more features)

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This page updated on June 30, 2019